"Reason is a portion of the divine spirit set in a human body" - Seneca

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This page is designed to aid students enrolled in philosophy courses, and to finally have a page to send discussants involved in philosophical debate. There is an E-MAIL address at the bottom of this page. USE IT. Please send your questions, comments, and thoughts so that help can be given to you if you are in a philosophy course and are seeking help!

The information on this page does not represent the exact views of any Niagara University professor. Use all information at your own risk (ie. in papers and on tests). However, we have done our best to provide you with solid and correct information and sources.

In order to facilitate movement through this site, I have provided buttons to send you directly to the topic you seek, however, because Philosophy is a science that builds on each new concept, the topics are highly inter-related. Have fun and learn well!


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Principles of Reason

Divisions of Philosophy

Theory of Knowledge


Empiricism and Idealism



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